Eating out in Shanghai and Japan

This summer (Canadian summer, Australian winter. Just to be clear 🙂 ) I decided to take a trip back to the motherland and spend some quality time with family. During holidays like Chinese New Year, and special occasions (i.e. me visiting, ha), by far the most common “activity” Chinese people partake in is dining out; and I had a lot of family to see. Their lifestyle revolves much more around food than what I’m used to. But then I started to understand how it’s not easy to resist the urge to eat when there’s damned good food every street you walk down and every corner you turn. Not just the type of cuisine, but the type of Chinese food all the restaurants offer boggles my mind. So needless to say, I spent a LOT of time eating these past 3 weeks, which I did not have the slightest issue with. Eating and bonding, what can be better? There’s always room for delicious food. I decided to put together a little gallery for some of my dining experiences while I bounced around Japan and China. Keep in mind that these were just a small percentage of what I ate.  It was undoubtedly the greatest food journey of my life.


10 thoughts on “Eating out in Shanghai and Japan

  1. I was salivating while reading this post. Looks like you had a blast eating your way through China and Japan! I’ve never tried hot pot before but it’s on my “to eat” list. Let’s try it when I’m in Brisbane? As for the ‘scariest’ food I’ve tried – crocodile, bear and kangaroo are up there on the list. Crocodile tastes very much like chicken….chewy but also soft. Kangaroo was nice but very chewy and sinewy. I hated the taste of bear. It was too gamey and “wild” for my taste!
    – Jo

    • Ah, the kind of hot pot you’re thinking of is different. I guess I shouldn’t call the bullfrog a hot pot, should be stone pot. I will take you to both sometime! You’re such an adventurous eater too! Crocodile was nice actually. The bullfrog didn’t go down easily… I was thinking about it too much. All in all it was such a blast eating everything! I hope to go back to Japan someday.

      • As long as it doesn’t look like the animal, then I’m good. That’s why I can’t eat fish heads or chicken feet. I can’t stand the way it looks…..

  2. Oh yeah, and Lavender just happens to be my favourite type of flower. What I would do to eat it…..too bad I’m lactose intolerant (not that it stops me from having ice-cream….)!

      • I didn’t even know that type existed. But now that I do, I am on the HUNT.

        Maybe they’ll serve it at that Food festival you were telling me about. When is it? I’m thinking of coming down for it.

  3. omg Deeds I love your new layout! Beautiful. I would’ve given aaaaanything to have mauled these delicacies with you btw. They look deliiiiish.

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