2012 – Food and more food

I told you I would go batshit crazy eating my way through Brisbane in my last year. All the dishes I’ve posted a photo of below and have tasted it myself were worth every penny. When the new year started, I have been cooking and baking many new things; too frequently I may add (thank god I’m a physically active person. I would look like a whale by now if I wasn’t). I promise you this, I will make at least one new dish every week for the rest of the year. Let it be an appetizer, or dessert. Simple or complex. Side dish or sauce. I will try to incorporate new ingredients and textures along the way. While intensely exploring restaurant food has taught me so much about what I like, it’s time to move that towards the back burner and get my hands dirty.


Chicken Tikka Masala – Taj Mahal in New Farm. The most tasty and affordable Indian restaurant I know of!

2013-01-18 21.00.57

“Lucie”, from Le Bon Choix – a French patisserie. Strawberry fillings with coconut base.


Amandine Poires – Chouquette in New Farm. Another well established French patisserie


Pesto scrambled eggs on house cured salmon with chili jam – Little Larder in New Farm. Excellent breakfast overall but the chilli jam was to die for!


Poached egg on toulouse sausages and sweet potato hash cakes with tomato jam – Gunshop Cafe in West End.


Potato and feta hash cakes with herbed sour cream, spinach and bella rossa tomatoes – a Gunshop Cafe breakfast classic!


cranberry and macadamia, poached blackberries, fresh strawberries and yoghurt – Comfort at my Table in Milton. Cutest breakfast cafe in Brisbane!


breakfast bubble and squeak with bacon bits, caramelized onions, spinach and chilli oil – Anouk in Paddington. An extremely memorable dish. Definitely wasted no time inhaling all of it


avocado and roast cherry tomatoes on toast with goat chevre, rocket, dukkah and fresh lemon – Anouk in Paddinton. Cal ordered this and I had a bite, it was delicious!


I believe these were baked Turkish eggs that Quynh ordered – Anouk in Paddington. Everything at this place is made with the freshest ingredients and never a disappointment!


Was not able to get through a day without coffee this year. Now I know what it’s like to get hooked on coffee


Always enjoyed visiting the fine food stores in Brisbane. Found some interesting products…


A whole shelf devoted to Olive oils


Probably one of the best combination of salads I’ve never had at this quaint cafe called Three Girls Skipping beside my work. One was potato, another was couscous and lastly a leafy tomato balsamic. So good.


scallops, pumpkin chips and wagyu beef. Public in Brisbane. Not many people know about this tapas place but when you’ve discovered it, you’re in for a treat!

Duck egg baked in toast sprinkled with shaved truffles - Public in Brisbane city. Such an interesting dish. I have had duck egg in the past but not presented like this!

Duck egg baked in toast sprinkled with shaved truffles – Public in Brisbane city. Such an interesting dish. I have had duck egg in the past but not presented like this!

2013-01-18 21.03.30

field mushrooms on goat cheese, caramelised onions and puff pastry – Gunshop Cafe in West End. This gem of a breakfast cafe can always be found with a line up out the door!


Rhubarb, aperol savin dessert – Public in Brisbane city. Was worth every penny. Sweet and slightly sour combination served with creme fraiche to neutralize the perfect flavours.


Although I didn’t taste this dish nor was it found in Brisbane, I was still very impressed by its presentation. Poached pear, yoghurt and… some other stuff. I strive everyday for healthy breakfasts like this


Sunday bliss in New Farm

Hello all, this is my first adventure post!

I forgot to mention that I am back in Brisbane now. Quynh, Kim and I decided to have brunch today in New Farm, a quaint suburb by the city.


Campos cafe is strangely down a little alleyway. Unexpected but not that I mind. There is something cozy about a hole in the wall. I wish Cambridge had more places like these. I mean, as great as being able to leave no more than a 10 dollar bill on the table at 50’s diner for a full-on breakfast, the atmosphere obviously cannot compare to what Brisbane has to offer. Notice the sign on the wall that says “dog parking”? And the doggie dish by the flower pot. Too bad nobody parked their dog there. Would have made for a more interesting photo 🙂

It’s 11am and this place is packed, naturally. We were seated in a corner at the very back of the restaurant at a table that is barely bigger than a cafeteria tray (I may be exaggerating). Somehow, the 3 of us managed. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that we realized the room in front of us shadowed behind a display window is actually a museum – for lack of better words. It’s called a “Cupping Room”. If I’m not mistaken, on certain days the room is open for demonstration, tasting and educational purposes to the public for an entry fee of $20. Excuse the glare in the photo, it was not easy to get a decent shot of that pitch dark room. I haven’t even ordered anything off the menu yet and already I am so intrigued by this place!

My eggs benedict with ham and spinach, Quynh’s pork belly and Kim’s scallop and rocket salad. Why didn’t I ever make Sunday brunch a weekly thing again…?

Sisters and friends 🙂

Two of the most easygoing people I know in Brisbane. Quynh (left) told me at brunch that she is now in her late 20’s. This picture is putting doubts in my head =P

Red doors make me nostalgic for home (Beijing). In Old Beijing there are still some residential doors that are painted red. I love it. It’s vibrant and inviting.

Strolling along Brisbane river with a soft breeze through our hair. And envying the million dollar homes and boats on the other side… a little bit 🙂

My idea of perfect Sunday. What’s yours?