THE Best Chicken Fingers


Once in a blue moon I cook something amazing that even blows my own mind. Once in a blue moon I’ll share my recipe here, although it’s unfortunate that I can’t take 100% credit for it.

One of my friends, Colin, made something similar a few months back and I couldn’t find the recipe from MensHealth so I just rolled with it, hoping it works out, and did it ever.

Not only is this recipe the best (for real, you won’t need to look elsewhere for chicken finger recipes), it’s dead easy too. All you need to do is take the following ingredients to marinate the chicken strips overnight. Preferably cut the strips relatively thin so that they cook easier.

Dijon mustard (the ones with seeds) – I don’t know how many chicken breasts you’re working with but essentially you want to apply a liberal amount of this baby all over that baby.

Lemon juice. Don’t go overboard. For each chicken breast, maybe 3-4 drops will do.

Dried rosemary. Again, just a little bit ’cause you don’t want it to be overpowering. The dijon mustard is key.

Black pepper. 

4 ingredients people. Unless you want to add a bit of salt, but you definitely won’t need it because the seasoned bread crumbs are so flavourful already.

The next day, take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half. This is is more advantageous in serving as a platform for bread-crumbing your chicken than using any other equipment (e.g. cutting board, bowl, kitchen counter) for a couple of reasons. One, it’s disaposable, no washing and no salmonella residue. Two, you can fold the foil onto the chicken to cover all the meaty crevices better instead of, say, using your chicken to dip into the crumbs. And you’re not likely to waste any bread crumbs for that reason. Anyway, I over-analyzed this way too much, but what the fuck else am I suppose to write about? This recipe is too straight-forward.

Stage 2.

Stage 2.

NEXT, prepare a hot pan of vegetable oil on medium-low heat. You don’t want the heat too high otherwise it will burn the outside before it looks inside. It will probably take a couple of minutes on each side.

Serve it with some plum sauce!! SO. GOOD. and tender.



Making Pho – Video Blog

This is my first guest and video blog! I made pho with a friend a couple of months ago – I know, too much slacking off, not enough blogging. But I am back in the blogging world now. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup and one of my favourite dishes of all time. It takes hours to make the broth but if you’re patient enough, the longer it stews, the more flavour you’ll get.
Without further ado, here’s Quynh’s pho recipe!


Pot big enough for 3 kettle full of water
Knives to cut meat
Chopsticks to eat with
spoons for soup tasting

Ingredients for soup:
Beef bones
Pork bones
Star anise
Cinnamon sticks
Pho seasoning packet
salt and sugar
beef stock/chicken stock

Ingredients for Pho:
Beef brisket
veal meaty cut
Beef balls (not the testicles)
Vietnamese basil
Bean sprouts
Onion/spring onion
Hoisin sauce and/or chilli sauce
I attempted to film the entire process of the experience but only wound up getting a short clip of the part where we had to boil the beef and pork bones in order to clean it. I swear I was prepared and my camera was charged! But the battery died anyway and left me astray. Luckily I used Kim’s SLR to shoot the rest 🙂

Lots of ingredients!

Following the video, we combined the meat and the veggies together in that huge pot with lots of water and let it simmer on low – medium heat. Then the other ingredients were added. We adjusted the flavours intermittently after tasting.

Adding spices! Flavour intensification startssss now

Cinnamon sticks

More chicken stock

I have no patience… so I take lots of photos to pass the time

I like being useful! Even if it was just cutting up some onions. Quynh is cutting up thin slices of veal and it will cook in the soup right away once it’s served.

2.5 hours later, the wait is over and we can eat! =D

To serve, we garnished the soup with basil leaves, some lemon juice, veal slices, red onions, no I did not forget the noodles (how embarrassing would that be), bean sprouts and hoisin sauce and chillies for even more flavour! The beef balls are always the first ones to go. Chewy beefy goodness yum.

I accidentally rubbed my eye after touching the chilli and had to wash it out, ice it, repeat it for almost half an hour. First experience ever, that shit burns.

Bon appetite! I’m off to the store to invest in a 20L pot. : )